Instaforex client cabinet login, Личный кабинет в ИнстаФорекс: Регистрация, Вход и Обзор

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If you do already have a trading account with InstaForex Company and would like to register it with the PAMM system, please log in to Client Cabinet and choose the "PAMM system" menu option, specify a name of your investment project, contact information which shall be available to investors and your PAMM account monitoring settings.

You may be offered various investments as soon as during first hours after the registration has been passed; you can instaforex client cabinet login accept or decline instaforex client cabinet login.

instaforex client cabinet login

Gaining part of investment return. The profit share is calculated instaforex client cabinet login the basis of a profit percentage set by a PAMM trader when registering. The latter is returned to the PAMM account of the managing trader right after the refund to the investor.

instaforex client cabinet login

Example of PAMM trader work: Your account attracts attention of an investor who eventually decides to invest funds in it and sends you an investment acceptance request. You accept the request, and in a short while your account is replenished with the invested funds.

instaforex client cabinet login тренинг в сфере трейдинга

Replenishment occurs once an hour, so approximate time of waiting does not exceed half an hour. Once the investment has reached your account, you begin to trade.

In case of getting profit, your share and that of the investor are displayed on the account monitoring page of InstaForex website.

instaforex client cabinet login