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Introduction 1. The Trading Account 2. The Clientauthorizes the Company форекс алгоритм система rely and act according to any request, guideline or othermessage appeared to be from the Client, without further examination by the Companyas to the authenticity, veracity, or the identity of the person who delivers or purportingto deliver such request, guidance or message. The Client undertakes to provide correctand complete information regarding itself.

The Client must report to форекс алгоритм система Companyimmediately in case of any change in the information the Client had provided to theCompany.

О 4 опасностях Форекс семинаров для начинающих трейдеров С развитием и трансформацией валютного рынка и торговли на нём развивались и способы заключения торговых сделок. Постепенно трейдеры начали использовать различные алгоритмы торговли на Forex для того, чтобы извлекать максимальную пользу от валютных сделок и увеличивать свои шансы на получение стабильной высокой прибыли.

The Company shall not serve asan agent форекс алгоритм система trustee of the Client or on his behalf under any circumstances. The Company shall notaccept any other person as an indirect Client with respect of this Agreement and shallaccept no obligation to any such person unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing.

The Client must ensure that there is no legal or other obstacle to its saidactivity, and that the Client has fulfilled any legal requirement needed for the use ofthese services.

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Margin Funds 3. The Company uses funds clearing andtransfer solutions of different suppliers, and may receive or transfer the funds through athird party, subject to the applicable law.

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Non-delivery of the SWIFT confirmation orin case the details do not match to those of Trading Account, may prevent the fundsfrom being deposited to the Trading Account. The Company does not accept funds incash.

TheCompany does not obligate to process withdrawal requested transmitted by any othermeans. General Bonus Policy 4.

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Unless otherwise determined, the terms of this chapter willapplied to the bonus. The bonus willbe granted as onetime bonus with respect to such deposit and in such way asdetermined by the Company.

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Eachwithdrawal shall be first considered on the account of profits and then after from thebonus. Social Trading 5. The Company форекс алгоритм система not engagedin any arrangement форекс алгоритм система any of the Traders within the system.

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Therefore, the Client should carefully monitor the opentransactions in his Account. The Fee varies according to the Clientclassification by the Company. In addition, the Company derives revenue from thespread on Transactions i.

The Company may introduce additional fees andcharges, and may change existing fees and charges at any time 6.

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The Companymay change the terms and rules under this section, including the duration by форекс алгоритм система account will be defined as inactive, the level of activity in the account that shallbe classified as a low level of activity, форекс алгоритм система amount of funds that the Client isrequired to hold in the Trading Account, as well the size of commission for inactiveclassified account. Trading Terms 7. When using the TradingPlatform, the Client is being displayed with ask and форекс алгоритм система prices for performingtransactions in Financial Instruments based on prices received from different форекс алгоритм система systems as inductive trading prices on the markets.

For determining thetrading prices, the platform is making mathematical calculations according to knownand accepted formulas.

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The Client shall have noclaim against the Company for not sending such notices or updates or regarding incorrectness of the information in such notice. Orders types 8. Once the tradingprice offered by the Company reached the price форекс алгоритм система by the limit order, the limitorder shall be triggered, and the Company will seek to execute форекс алгоритм система order at that price.

The Company does not obligate to perform theTransaction closure at the price predetermined by the Client due to changing marketconditions.

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As soon as the trading price offered by the Company reaches the target price ofthe limit order, the limit order shall be triggered and the Company shall форекс алгоритм система to executethe order at the said price. In case the Company cannot execute the форекс алгоритм система due to changesin trading prices during the order executionthe форекс алгоритм система order shall wait again for the priceset by the Client and then executed.

The purchase shall be executed when the traded price of the instrument on the Platformshall reach the price set by the Client and if the order cannot be executed at the price setby the Client due to the volatility of the instrument price than the order shall beexecuted at the available trading price on the Trading Platform which is closest to theprice set by the Client and in which the order is applicable.

Thesell shall be executed when the форекс алгоритм система price of the instrument on the Platform shall reachthe price set by the Client and if the order cannot be executed at the price set by theClient due to the volatility of the instrument price than the order shall be executed atthe available trading price on the Trading Platform which is closest to the price set bythe Client and in which the order is applicable.

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Suchrollovers are sometimes accommodated with overnight currencies interestdifferences that affect the Trading Account. In case that the Client has an openwww. When a Client opens a position that its size is greater than the amountof money that was deposited by the Client, it means that the Client is making use ofleverage.

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The Форекс алгоритм система agrees to deposit to the Company, upon demand, additional fundsas required as guarantees, for securing losses in open or foreseeable. Data Usage and Privacy Protection 9. Cancellation of this consentshall be performed by providing written notice to the Company, and shall apply to newpublications that have not been sent. The Client is required to have priorknowledge of Forex and other Financial Instruments trading and to consider its actionsand the risks involved before making any action in the Trading Platform.

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The Clientacknowledges that he has read and understood the attached Risk Disclosure which is форекс алгоритм система part of this Agreement. By doing so, the Company does notundertake or obligate as to the accuracy форекс алгоритм система completeness of the information or to thetrading implications or tax implications of a certain transaction.

All risks associated to the above are under the sole responsibility of theClient. The Client shallpersonally report and pay any tax liability he is obligated to.

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The Company serves as amediator only and does not collect or withhold tax for the Client. Account Balances The Clientmay форекс алгоритм система open transactions форекс алгоритм система the state of the Margin funds at форекс алгоритм система time by accessingthe Trading Account on the Trading Platform of the Company and review reportscreated by the Company. The Company does not send printed reports to the Client.

The Client should immediately report to the Company of any discrepancy and bring itto its форекс алгоритм система.

Изучение рынка Форекс каждым трейдером происходит по уникальному пути. Кто-то проходит этот путь быстро и замечает форекс алгоритм система или типичные колебания, что дает возможность получать прибыль достаточно. Другие заимствуют наработки более опытных трейдеров, наставников или партнеров, и с течением времени адаптируют их под себя, модернизируют и превращают в полноценную торговую систему. Создание прибыльной торговой системы — главная задача любого трейдера Разработка торговой стратегии — процесс не быстрый, требующий длительной проверки и множественных правок.

All trading certificates and monthly reports shall be considered at trueand acceptable by the Client if no complaint has been serviced upon their receipt. Closing an Account and Termination of the Agreement The Company may terminate this Agreementimmediately in case of.